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Strawhat Gnom 

Reisefieber Rec.


Halli hello out there.

First of all a few key facts about my person
My name is Agron Markaj my name is mostly Agu or Agi :-)) I'm 34 years old and I'm from Kosovo but I was born in Switzerland (Bern).

My musical side
In my early years I was an annoyed Rock Metal and Rock & Roll lover
In 2003, I was asked if I would like to attend New Year's Eve 2003/2004 at a Goa Fest. I agreed and that was my best decision .
It's true for me like love at first sight

Music style
At first I was an offbeat proggy listener, but a short time later I got to know and love Psy, Fullon and Forest.
One day I got the opportunity to "turn my own plate"
From that point on I knew that I had discovered my true passion.
I like mixing Psy, Forest, Fullon.

My first appearance took place on December 22, 2013 (my 30th b-day) in Kehrsatz.
For me one of the most wonderful b-day ever
the highlight of my Dj story was clearly the Reisefieber Festival 2017
There were also other numerous performances such as the dream dance, etc.


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