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Reisefieber Rec.


Music has accompanied and inspired me since my early childhood. During my youth, I was especially attracted to Blues-Rock-Metal, Classic Rock and many more. Steppenwolf, John Lee Hooker, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Slayer up to Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Queen as well as Rondo Venziano etc. were very present. At that time, electronic music didn’t interest me at all. One day, a friend convinced me to accompany him to a Goa party. This was the beginning of a new passion, for this type of music. After having enjoyed many different events, mainly Goa events, I felt that my preference was for the big Rave and also the Trance. As I enjoy diversity, I try to connect Sub genres and I like to experiment with Progressive, Fullon, Pystrance-Nightpsy and also Dark Prog. In 2000 I decided to buy my own equipment and to sit behind the mixing board myself. I spent countless hours on exercising with the black vinyl, record promo tapes and I distributed them at parties to get my first bookings. After my premiere at Tscharnergut in Bern in 2002 I was very active in this area and got the opportunity to perform at different events. From 2007-2014 I took a break from it all due to the fact that I was preoccupied with various other things. In 2014 I opted for a new start and recommended my services for bookings. A good friend of mine offered me the opportunity to participate in his label which allowed me to play more often at the label parties. With the help of the Crash Kid Company, I performed at the city hall in Dietikon in front of a larger audience. After this experience I performed in many clubs and in 2015 I took an active part in my first important festival: “Reisefieber on the Scheltenpass”. The Reisefieber-Crew included me in their label and I was offered many opportunities to play at the festival.


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